Congratulations and welcome to the learning area of emily. Here you will find information about how to setup emily and use this software to its fullest potential. There is a lot to cover so take your time and use the search feature if you can’t find what you are looking for easily. We are adding content regularly so keep checking back, but if there is something you would like to see sooner please let us know and we will add it to the top of our to do list.

Coming Soon!

ePower Reporting

Take advantage of the power of emiy with ePower Reporting. These state of the art analytics can let you dive deep down into your own data and reveal usage, trends, revenue and so much more. There is no other EMR that allows you access to so much information to help improve your business efficiency to increase revenue. You will be able to adjust treatments to maximize staff efficiency as well as forecast trends to improve your bottom line over time. We have many powerful KPI (key performance indicators) that can help you chart a better course to improve your net income and grow your clinic substantially.

Integrated Payments and Gift Cards

Yes, this is a very exciting project that we are currently working on. emily will have the ability to sell and manage gift cards! Simply add a link to your website and you will be able to sell, manage and redeem gift cards all from inside emily with no 3rd party provider required. No additional fees will be charged for this either which is a nice bonus!

We are also partnering with a merchant provider to give your clinic the ability to take online as well as in-person payments with a terminal, that is also connected directly to emily. This will integrate payment information both ways to reduce input error as well as allow for a more seamless transaction for you and your clients. Coming soon!

Completed – Updated eForms March 2023.

This brand new form creation tool will be even better than our original pdf form creator. The original version allowed you to upload your pdf form and then add fields to it, such as name, date, signature, text etc. This was fine for most form requirements but was still quite limited in terms of allowing patients to complete these forms remotely. Our new form builder will allow you to create a new form from scratch and send it to patients for completion through our secure online portal. This will make your day so much easier and allow your staff to focus on other priorities rather than getting forms filled out in-office when it could be done well beforehand in the comfort of the patients home. You will be able to create all these types of forms with the new form builder:

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