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We have partnered with Clinical Imaging to provide you with the best photography solution for Aesthetics today. Essentially, they supply the hardware and we provide you the software to give you an unparalleled integrated photography solution for your Aesthetic Practice.

One of the most important aspects of your clinic should be very high quality photography.  Our expertise is in creating the highest possible quality clinical imagery for your practice. Through our training, equipment and support programs, we work with your teams to create these outcomes. No photographic knowledge is required by your team as all our installations are pre-calibrated for ease of use and predictable outcomes every time.

Our database system supports the classification of images with multiple types of tags(service, clinic supplies as well as body parts) as well as fast retrieval for patient consultations and assessment of before and after images. See our EMR page for more information about emily features.

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More and more practices are recognizing the business advantages of high quality photography and videos to market their capabilities, services and results.

A major consideration for patients in clinic selection is online pre and post photographs. High quality and accurate imagery present ethical transparency and confident results as well as a more in-depth patient consultations.

5 Reasons To Choose Clinical Imaging‚Äč integration

  1. A single software application for your practice is invaluable to operate efficiently for your whole staff. No more duplicate patients and multiple profiles for the same patient.
  2. The highest quality imaging possible with easy upgradability in the future.
  3. Non-proprietary image storage. You can access and easily export your images. You own your images, and we make it easy for you to manage them any way you want.
  4. No more onsite photo or data storage. Your data will never be lost and is accessible for you at any time.
  5. Amazing training and support from Clinical Imaging so you and your staff can consistently create the best images possible for your patients.
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why is photography so important in aesthetics?

Photography plays a pivotal role in the field of aesthetic medicine, serving as a powerful tool for both practitioners and patients. In this visually-driven era, high-quality photographs provide a tangible record of a patient’s aesthetic journey, enabling healthcare professionals to assess and track the progress of various treatments. Before-and-after images serve as invaluable documentation, allowing practitioners to showcase their expertise and the transformative effects of their interventions. This visual evidence not only reinforces the credibility of aesthetic procedures but also helps build trust between patients and healthcare providers.

Moreover, photography in aesthetic medicine contributes significantly to the educational aspect of the field. Practitioners can use detailed images to illustrate various treatment options, techniques, and potential outcomes to both current and prospective patients. This visual communication aids in fostering a clear understanding of the possibilities and limitations of different procedures, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their desired aesthetic goals. Additionally, photographic documentation can be utilized for educational purposes within the medical community, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and advancements in the field.

Furthermore, photography serves as a creative tool for aesthetic practitioners, allowing them to refine their skills and artistic vision. Capturing the subtleties of facial expressions, skin textures, and treatment outcomes requires a keen eye for detail, which can be honed through the regular practice of photography. This creative aspect of aesthetic medicine enhances the practitioner’s ability to tailor treatments to the unique characteristics of each patient, promoting personalized and natural-looking results. The visual documentation of their work not only becomes a professional portfolio but also contributes to the ongoing evolution of aesthetic techniques.

In the realm of patient satisfaction and marketing, photography remains an indispensable asset. High-quality images showcasing successful outcomes can be strategically employed in marketing materials, social media platforms, and websites, helping practitioners attract new patients and build a positive online presence. Patients, in turn, appreciate the transparency and visual evidence that photography provides, aiding them in setting realistic expectations and fostering satisfaction with their aesthetic experiences. Overall, the importance of photography in aesthetic medicine extends far beyond documentation, playing a multifaceted role in education, professional development, and the promotion of patient well-being.

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