emily is an All-In-One EMR specifically designed for Aesthetics


Injectables – Toxins & Fillers

emilyemr medspa Injectables

emily was created for injectable clinics like yours. See how our powerful injectable template can make your life so much easier but also allow you to track what treatments you are performing on what areas.

Aesthetic Charting

Documenting Aesthetic treatments is equally important and requires many different tools than you would find in a medical clinic, spa or hair salon.

medspa charting in emilyemr

Aesthetic Scheduling

emilyemr schedule

Aesthetic treatments are very different from medical, spa or any other type of service and as such you need a system that can handle the demands of aesthetic requirements

Templates For All Your Devices

emily has treatment templates for all of your devices and treatments including but not limited to the following:

emilyemr treatment templates coolsculpting

Best-In-Class Photography

Upload images instantly from your iPad/Tablet/Desktop Computer or use our Custom Integrated Camera Solution for the best image quality possible.


Google Reviews are critical for any aesthetic practice and clinics need to manage them effectively

emilyemr medspa google reviews

Inventory Management

emilyemr inventory management and control

Aesthetic Clinics have very specific needs in terms of tracking their inventory. No other software system tracks all of your inventory as well as emily does.

ePower Reporting

Analyzing treatment and financial information is critical for any clinic to be successful.

Aesthetic clinics require unique reporting to manage their businesses

email/SMS Marketing

emilyemr aesthetic medspa email marketing

Aesthetic clinics need to market to their patients for many different reasons

emily allows you to create marketing/retention campaigns for your existing patients based on many factors


Use eForms to create any number of documents to send or assign to your patients and include

Patient can complete these documents on iPad, mobile phone, computer, tablet

Patient Portal

emily’s patient portal allows patients to securely login to perform the following functions

About emilyEMR

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine, having a robust and reliable clinic management software is essential for providing top-notch patient care and streamlining administrative tasks. emilyEMR, a new name in the healthcare technology industry, offers a cutting-edge Aesthetic Clinic Management Software designed to cater to the unique needs of aesthetic clinics and professionals using AI-powered Analytics.


At the heart of emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Record Software is a comprehensive patient management system and business intelligence Analytics. This user-friendly and intuitive feature allows aesthetic practitioners to efficiently record and access patient information, medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. With a centralized and secure database, the Analytics & Aesthetic Clinic Software ensures that critical patient data is readily available, enabling practitioners to make informed decisions and provide personalized care.


One of the standout features of emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Pro Software is its seamless integration of digital forms and Aesthetic PDF Reader. The software enables clinics to go paperless by digitizing patient intake forms, consent forms, and other essential documents. The Aesthetic PDF Reader ensures that all documents are easily accessible, saving time and reducing administrative burdens associated with physical paperwork.


As the Best Aesthetic Clinic Software, emilyEMR places a strong emphasis on optimizing clinic workflows. The software’s appointment scheduling and calendar management features facilitate efficient booking, rescheduling, and tracking of patient appointments. This ensures that the clinic operates smoothly and maximizes the utilization of resources.


emilyEMR understands that each aesthetic clinic has its unique set of requirements. Therefore, their Aesthetic Clinic Management Software is fully customizable, allowing clinics to tailor the software to align with their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that clinics can adopt the software seamlessly without disrupting their existing workflows.


emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Clinic Management Software stands as a powerful and versatile solution for modern aesthetic practices. From efficient patient record management to paperless document handling, streamlined appointment scheduling, and secure data storage, the software addresses the diverse needs of aesthetic clinics and practitioners. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Clinic Software paves the way for enhanced efficiency, precision, and exceptional patient care in the world of aesthetic medicine.

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