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In 2017 we began building emily from the ground-up to create an all-in-one software solution for aesthetic clinics that is easy to use, affordable and provides clinic owners with the information they need to make better business decisions and increase their competitiveness in their local market(s). 

As a clinic owner or manager, you shouldn’t have to use multiple software applications to run your business, but that is exactly what the vast majority of clinics are still doing today. Take a look at emily and see how this solution can simplify your life while reducing costs and increasing profits.

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Injectables – Neuromodulators/Fillers

Emily was created for injectable clinics like yours. See how our powerful injectable template can make your life easier but also allow you to track every detail of your toxin and filler injections.

  • Document all your neuromodulator and filler treatments in 1 click!
  • Duplicate previous treatments and/or create your own favorites for quick and easy charting
  • Charge per Unit/ml or charge per area, your choice!
  • Use any neuromodulator or filler available today, and track usage over time.
  • Take images on your ipad right before treatment or use our custom camera solution for the highest quality images
  • Create group pricing for toxins or fillers independent of areas being treated
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2-Way SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging is more important than ever today. Most of your patients want to text text you rather than speak on the phone or even email. Secure your advantage with integrated SMS messaging inside emily.

  • Custom phone number for your practice for patients to message you directly.
  • Create a new patient from a brand new message
  • Schedule appointments for existing patients
  • Send and receive images to and from patients
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant
  • Encrypted communication between patients and our sotware
  • Patient opt-in for all SMS communications

Online Booking / Portal

Emily’s patient portal allows patients to securely book appointments online and/or login to perform the following functions

  • update demographics and medical information
  • complete eforms(consent, questionnaires, pre-treatment forms etc…)
  • view/download previous invoices
  • view your before and after images you have shared for your procedures
  • book appointments online


Aesthetic Charting

Documenting Aesthetic treatments is equally important and requires many different tools than you would find in a medical clinic, spa or hair salon.
  • Use an iPad or any computer to document treatments Use treatment
  • templates to speed up entering information
  • Update pricing easily that flows throughout the system
  • Draw on new or uploaded images or take an image on your ipad and directly insert into the chart
  • Governemnt Billing for BC, AB, SK, and ON in Canada
  • Add future prepaid treatments to today’s visit
  • See product purchase history and when items were last purchased
  • Access eforms to easily add new consent or treatment forms to today’s treatment
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Aesthetic Scheduling

Aesthetic treatments are very different from medical, spa or any other type of service and as such you need a system that can handle the demands of aesthetic requirements
  • Book one or more treatments easily for your patients
  • Create room and equipment resources to avoid double booking
  • Automated SMS and email visit reminders to allow patients to confirm appointments on their own
  • Color coded treatments – see your day at a glance
  • Drag and drop appointments
  • Prepay future treatments and add to the schedule
  • Create packages or multiples of a service for future use


Create memberships for your patients to purchase in-clinic or online. Memberships can be designed in a number of ways.

  • % off Services
  • % off Products
  • Apply membership fee (or a % of it) to your patients account
  • Customize membership duration
  • Customize membership redemption frequency
  • More options…
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Best-In-Class Photography

Upload images instantly from your iPad/Tablet/Desktop Computer or use our Custom Integrated Camera Solution for the best image quality possible.

  • Mirrorless 24 Megapixel Camera
  • All images are uploaded directly to emily in the cloud, no local storage to worry about any longer! Your images can never be lost or stolen.
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Create stunning before/after images easily in emily and share for consultations or with your patients
  • Add your clinic logo or other watermark to any image
  • Apply vascular or pigment filters to images for enhancing consultation conversions.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are critical for any aesthetic practice and clinics need to manage them effectively
  • Negative reviews happen to everyone, the best way to manage them is to prevent them before they happen and acquire as many positive reviews as possible. emily helps you do this.
  • Google review gating/filtering is a common practice that can lead to negative SEO effects or even a suspension
  • emily does not filter reviews, we follow Google guidelines and help you get the best reviews possible
  • Automatically send email/sms review requests to patients based on their appointments or send manually
  • Create a custom message to your patients for your review requests
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Inventory Management

Aesthetic Clinics have very specific needs in terms of tracking their inventory. No other software system tracks all of your inventory as well as emily does.


  • Toxins, Fillers, Applicators, Treatment Tips, Skin Care Products, etc…
  • Track usage of all your consumables and products you sell with emily.
  • Get notified when supplies are running low so you don’t run out.
  • Generate reports on amounts used over time, average price, amounts, treatment areas and more…

ePower Reporting

Analyzing treatment and financial information is critical for any clinic to be successful. Aesthetic clinics require unique reporting to manage their businesses
  • Standard reports include sales summary, taxes, liabilities, prepayments
  • Categorize your services, skin care products for custom reporting specific to your clinic
  • See usage of clinic supplies(toxins, fillers, applicators, tips etc…) over time
  • Identify who is using injectable supplies(toxins, fillers) in specific areas of the face, amounts, totals, average pricing
  • Create equipment and room resources, track KPI for services based on room square footage
  • Keep track of providers sales, commissions, skin care usage and much more
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emilyemr aesthetic medspa email marketing

Email/SMS Marketing

Aesthetic clinics need to market to their patients for many different reasons


emily allows you to create marketing/retention campaigns for your existing patients based on many factors


  • Send email blasts and/or sms marketing campaigns
  • Send automated treatment reminders
  • Drag and drop email creation
  • Choose from our existing email templates or create your own from scratch

eForms & Treatment Templates

Use eForms to create any number of documents to send or assign to your patients and include

  • Consent forms
  • Pre/post care forms
  • Treatment information/handouts
  • Patient questionnaires

Patient can complete these documents on iPad, mobile phone, computer, tablet

  • In-clinic
  • At home

About emilyEMR

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine, having a robust and reliable clinic management software is essential for providing top-notch patient care and streamlining administrative tasks. emilyEMR, a new name in the healthcare technology industry, offers a cutting-edge Aesthetic Clinic Management Software designed to cater to the unique needs of aesthetic clinics and professionals using AI-powered Analytics.


At the heart of emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Record Software is a comprehensive patient management system and business intelligence Analytics. This user-friendly and intuitive feature allows aesthetic practitioners to efficiently record and access patient information, medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. With a centralized and secure database, the Analytics & Aesthetic Clinic Software ensures that critical patient data is readily available, enabling practitioners to make informed decisions and provide personalized care.


One of the standout features of emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Pro Software is its seamless integration of digital forms and Aesthetic PDF Reader. The software enables clinics to go paperless by digitizing patient intake forms, consent forms, and other essential documents. The Aesthetic PDF Reader ensures that all documents are easily accessible, saving time and reducing administrative burdens associated with physical paperwork.


As the Best Aesthetic Clinic Software, emilyEMR places a strong emphasis on optimizing clinic workflows. The software’s appointment scheduling and calendar management features facilitate efficient booking, rescheduling, and tracking of patient appointments. This ensures that the clinic operates smoothly and maximizes the utilization of resources.


emilyEMR understands that each aesthetic clinic has its unique set of requirements. Therefore, their Aesthetic Clinic Management Software is fully customizable, allowing clinics to tailor the software to align with their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that clinics can adopt the software seamlessly without disrupting their existing workflows.


emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Clinic Management Software stands as a powerful and versatile solution for modern aesthetic practices. From efficient patient record management to paperless document handling, streamlined appointment scheduling, and secure data storage, the software addresses the diverse needs of aesthetic clinics and practitioners. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, emilyEMR’s Aesthetic Clinic Software paves the way for enhanced efficiency, precision, and exceptional patient care in the world of aesthetic medicine.

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