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Setup Google Reviews

You can setup google review acquisition in 2 different ways. Manual or Automated


If you wish to send google review requests manually to patients all you need to do is turn on the toggle for manual reviews and then modify your email if you wish. You don’t have to update the email sent to patients but you have the option to do so. You can always revert back to the default template at any time. Currently, the sms template is not editable.

We will also need some google business information from you in order to set this up correctly in the system so the patient receives your google review link as well as you being able to see all your google reviews inside emily.


If you wish to automate the process, turn on the automated toggle and then set your timing and select the services that you want to trigger the review request to be sent to the patient. You can select more than one service which will trigger an automated request to be sent out.

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