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What Are Your Aesthetic Procedure Conversion Rates?

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Conversion rates are one of the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that aesthetic clinics should be tracking on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Ideally you should be able to track conversion rates per staff user/provider as well as per procedure.  It’s also important to be able to set goals to measure performance and compare over time.

Your consultation to procedure conversion rate will be your most important KPI to track as that will indicate the overall success of your consultation efforts that begins with the first contact your patient has with the clinic. 

Another important KPI in the conversion process is understanding more detail about the patients who convert and also who do not convert over to performing procedures. Being able to understand the age, gender and referral source is also very helpful to understand which marketing channels are working and what you should focus more or less of your time and energy pursuing in the future.

Of all the metrics so far, conversion rates are the most important to track and understand where improvements can be made because converting a patient into someone who actually pays for a procedure is highly valuable as they are a much better person to market to than the general public.

Ensuring Success by Monitoring Your Goals

Consistently reviewing these goals is critical for long term success.

  • Review your numbers at least weekly and then monthly.
  • Watch for dips or spikes as this can indicate staffing issues.
  • Investigate trend events by clicking the chart to reveal more data.

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